New Thought, Ancient Wisdom
This page provides resources for students, teachers, ministers and practitioners to use in classes and or help in their own private study of New Thought History. We hope you enjoy the resources provided here - and if you have suggestions or requests - please let us know. We’d be happy to help you develop compelling tools for your classroom or project.

Charts and Download Resources:

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New Thought History Chart:
Standard origins of New Thought History Chart, great for use in Foundations, New Member, Roots and other classes. Now Updated to reflect developments from 1950-1980’s!
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Evolution of New Thought Chart - Developed by Rev. Jim Munson - shows the development of major movements within New Thought.
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Roots of New Thought:
This chart, developed by Rev. David Alexander - illustrates the four major fields of influence that helped to shape the New Thought Movement.
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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants:
Emanuel Swedenborg’s Influence on Ernest Holmes
By Rev. Linda Reppond
December 2011
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Where'd He Get That : A Biblical Cross-Reference to Ernest Holmes' The Science of Mind
By Rev. Margo Ruark
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Roots Class Project from Liz Crisostomo


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